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ChantiMan sounds massively entertaining, energetic and enthusiastic on “FanTasy Fog,” in that really damn good kind-of contagious way. The hooks are fantastic…they work extremely well in both the vocals and the music, but it’s truly the energy in the performance that raises the atmosphere to the heights they reach – ChantiMan is a commanding presence in amongst this sparkling electro-pop track. Flashing extra-skills in the production department as well…this mix is nothing short of perfection and sounds incredible from the left to the right of your speakers. Twisting in a side of EDM briefly within the final minutes, ChantiMan has put on a whole clinic of how to combine sounds & styles flawlessly on “FanTasy Fog.”

ChantiMan is a Belfast UK Hip-Hop Rap Artist, Music Producer, House DJ and Audio Instrument Engineer. Known as by his stage name ChantiMan meaning (Lyrical Chant I Man) of which he considered himself as the Chanter. ChantiMan is working on several up coming music with his Rap Dance Single released in December 2012 title (We can make it thumpin) comes along with several other remix of the same single. The single video was in the top 20 British Black Music Award, the Britain’s favourite domestic black music videos in July 23 2013. http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/top-20-favourite-british-black-music-tracks-2014-tickets-11837916527 : The Favourite British Black Music Videos (2013), July 23 2013. MTV Artist /Twitter

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