Kanye West share his favourite song 2015 

The rapper has been on a roll on Twitter lately

Say what you will about Kanye West, but don’t say that he doesn’t care.

“I have discovered my single greatest quality,” West tweeted on Sunday, “I care. Everyone can say anything they want about me but they could never say that I didn’t care.

“I care about people,” the rapper continued. “I care about our future. I care about truth. I care about quality. I think human beings can create a Utopia. I believe in us.”

Shortly after his positive message, West followed up with a new plea:

“Steve Ballmer can I please redesign the Clippers mascot.” (The Los Angeles-based basketball team recently unveiled their new mascot, Chuck the California Condor.)

Earlier in the day, West also revealed that Justin Bieber‘s hit “What Do You Mean?” was his favorite song of 2015. (No word yet on what he thinks of Bieber’s other hit, “Sorry.”)

West’s latest musings add to his ever-increasing list of thoughts and observations that he has been sharing on Twitter over the past few months. Other things West has tweeted about include Will Ferrell in Zoolander 2 (“Will Ferrell has reached walking living breathing god status!”), his thoughts onwomen’s fashion


(“I especially hate suit jackets on women… that was a groundbreaking idea 5 million years ago!”) and his reaction to Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar (“Finally!!! Our guy!!! We’re so so happy for Leo!!!”).

West also recently revealed that he plans to “go Mad Max” and release 6 fashion collections and 3 albums a year.

Source: People


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