Watch Tony Resta – Main Squeeze ft. Reuben Buffong

Music video for Main Squeeze ft Reuben Buffong performed by Tony Resta.

Video Production: PROvidsTV
Directors: Tony Resta & Reuben Buffong
Camera Operators: Simone Dalla Costa, Alex Marciuc, Vlad Leonte
Studio Electrician: Sergio Lolli
Assistant: Arianna Balducci
Editor: Tony Resta
Backstage Photographer: Gianluca Chiarello

Audio Production: Simone Dalla Costa
Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Patrick Carinci (Box Studio)

Special thanks to DJ Dynasty & the staff at WKND Club Lugano, Daniel Mkongo from Maison Bastet for the outfit, and to RIVABIANCA for the boat service.
Big thanks to everybody who helped out for the club scenes.

Copyright (C) 2017 Tony Resta.

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