– Writer/bassist/rhythm guitarist from Derry, back in Belfast after a few years in England.

– 14 year’s experience in various styles of rock, blues and acoustic music, both live and in the studio, with click tracks or samples – and a special knack for writing and playing original music

– Dep and session work ONLY considered – I’m pretty busy playing with a wedding and function band at present, so new work would need to fit round my current diary. Doesn’t mean I won’t make an effort though 😀

– Good level of technical ability, solid theory, a good voice and a way with a lyric


Tom Waits, Queens of the Stone Age/Josh Homme/Dave Grohl, Mastodon, Radiohead, Goat, PInk Floyd, Death From Above 1979, Fugazi, Jetplane Landing, Charles Mingus, Mike Patton, Tool, KARP, Pissed Jeans, David Bowie, The Clash, Modest Mouse, And So I Watch You From Afar, Pixies, The Frames/Glen Hansard, old blues, the nastier end of punk, krautrock, prog, most other things I come across
Selected Highlights:

2002-5: Jebus (Derry grunge band)
2006-8: Man Versus (https://soundcloud.com/manversus)
2008-9: Troupe de Bacchus
2009-11 (on and off): The Shock (Shock) Horror Band
2011-12: Bugs in Ember (https://soundcloud.com/bugsinember)
2012-13: Mask of Bees (http://maskofbees.bandcamp.com); Dose (https://soundcloud.com/dose-manchester)
2013-14: Shotgun Sunday (http://www.facebook.com/shotgunsundayrock)
2015-: The Liberals (http://www.facebook.com/theliberalsband)

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